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I wanted faster belts, so I set up blue belt production, which used up all my heavy oil, so I increased oil production, which caused the wells to run dry, so I started making speed modules for the pumps, which caused copper starvation, so I built more smelters, which caused power outage, so I built more solar panels, which caused a drop in iron and copper again, so I built mining outposts, which pollute so I get more biters, so I had to build more defense, which caused me to run out of wall, so I increased wall production, which caused me to run out of rock, so I set up 80 rock miners, which caused me to run out of power again, so I had to build more solar farms, which need more batteries, so I need to upgrade oil again, but my oil facility is a pile of noodles and I need to redo it…

In Factorio, solutions are the main cause of problems.

I'm now building a rocket to escape this hell I've created for myself.